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      We are confident in the products we use, as well as the services we provide, on every project. To this regard, we offer a warranty against defects in materials and / or workmanship for a period of 1 Year under average residential / commercial usage.

      Dear Customer:

      Congratulations on the purchase of your new stone countertop for your Kitchen Cabinets and/or Bathroom Vanities / countertops or flooring. At Marble Plus, we take pride in the stone countertops we manufacture. This letter is to certify that Marble Plus Warranties your new countertops against defects in materials and / or workmanship for a period of 1 year under average residential usage. This warranty is valid only if the countertops are installed by Marble Plus.and if the guidelines for care and usage have been adhered to.

      To ensure the dependability and durability of your new stone countertops, we have established the following guidelines for proper care and usage:

      DO NOT alter your finished countertops in any way (example: sanding, varnishing, painting).
      DO NOT place wet articles such as dishes or clothes in your countertop joins.

      To clean countertops surfaces, use a mild soap or detergent and a soft, damp cloth. Remove soap or detergent film with a second damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

      We feel, by following the guidelines set forth, it will lengthen the life of your countertops. Warranty is issued to original purchaser and is non-transferable. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to maintain the WARRANTY.



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